About Metal Island

Internet-radio «Metal Island» is fully independent station, which is dedicated to various styles of heavy music — Death, Doom, Gothic, Hard’n’Heavy, Progressive, Post Metal and so on. The owner has no intention to violate copyright rules and broadcasts/removes compositions from radio playlists by contacting with artists.

Vladimir Yakovlev aprecciates following artists for supporting Metal Island broadcasting:

Almanac, Aut Mori, Catacombe, Comatose Vigil, Daylight Dies, Draconian, December Noir, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Enshine, Evadne, Everlost, Exxasens, Fractal Gates, God Is An Astronaut, Kypck, Morton, My Dying Bride, Novembre, October Tide, Second To Sun, Remembrance, To/Die/For, Wine From Tears and Sergey Mavrin;

Autopsy Night, Aquarius, Blackness, Deathonator, Циклон, Trancus Somnium, Fallen From Grace, Parulent Dismember from Sakhalin region and Russian Far East;

Enjoy the listening!

For contacts please send message to vladimir.yakovlev@metal-island.com

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